Lint Cleaner

Centrifugal Cleaner


USP of Centrifugal Cleaner

As stated earlier, Continental Eagle machinery is build heavier to with stand the pressures of industrial usage and to maintain their integrity under heavy use.

Centrifugal Cleaner     

The Centrifugal Lint Cleaner is a flow-through (air-jet type) lint cleaner. Ginned lint is conveyed by air into the cleaner through a constricting duct at a relatively high velocity.Air and cotton moving through the inlet duct make an abrupt change in direction as they pass across an adjustable mote opening. The heavier trash is ejected through the operating by inertial forces while lint is carried through the cleaner by the airstream.The amount of trash removed is controlled by the size of the adjustable mote opening. This opening can be adjusted during operation by a handwheel on the exterior of the machine. An external graduated scale having numbers 0 through
10 provides an adjustment reference point. Ejection of trash can be observed through a window on each end or through the door on the front. In the event of a tag forming in the constricting duct, a lever is provided on top of the cleaner to quickly move the mote opening to the full open position.


Discharge Vaccum

2 in. (51 mm) WG-NEG

Air Velocity

12,000 ft./min. (3658 m/min)

Mote Opening

Variable, set 1 inch (25.4 mm) at factory

Principal Dimensions :


96 in. (2438 mm)


120 in. (3048 mm)


62-1/8 in. (1578 mm)


45-1/2 in. (1156 mm)


2500 lb. (1134 kg)

All Capacities are subject to cotton varieties, conditions and personnel All designs, specifications and ratings are subject to change without notice.