About Us

Bajaj ConEagle LLC (BC LLC) was formed in early 2012in Millbrook, Alabama as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bajaj Steel Industries LTD (BSI) to serve the customers of Continental Eagle Corporation (CEC) and others for the supply of parts, machinery and service primarily in the U.S. market.

Bajaj Steel Industries LTD, the flagship company of the highly diversified and professionally managed Bajaj Group of Nagpur, India, obtained the exclusive rights to all of the intellectual properties of CEC. BSI is the sole legal licensee for the manufacture and supply of proprietary CEC and IMPCO parts and machinery for the Cotton Ginning, Oil Mill and Acid Delinting industries. BSI is the largest producer of Cotton Ginning, Bale Pressing and Oil Seed Preparation Machinery in India and Central and Southern Asia.

To assure the continuity of engineering design and manufacturing techniques and to maintain the quality of service to which our customers had become accustomed, we are staffed by former CEC personnel with extensive knowledge in the various disciplines required.The BSIL engineering department has joined forces with former CEC engineers to continue developing successful product lines and to continue to increase technological leadership in the Cotton Gin and Oil Mill equipment industries.

In addition to a huge investment in R&D, the marketing wings of both companies and including the vast array of agents, have come together to form a strong team and network to serve customers across the globe.

To know more about the parent company, Bajaj Steel Industries Ltd India, please visit www.bajajngp.com