Feed Control

Big-J Feed Control

bullet-prod  96” (2438mm) width

bullet-prod  3-Cylinder Separator

bullet-prod  Extra Large Storage Bin

bullet-prod  Photo Electrical Level Sensors

bullet-prod  A.C. Inverter Drive for Feed Rollers

bullet-prod  Tandem Cotton Vacuums

bullet-prod  Free Standing Self Supporting

bullet-prod  Air sealed throughout with positive Air Relief system

bullet-prod  Clean – No Blowout

Equipment Includes
Platforms, and Handrails,
Ladders, Feed Roller
Motor, and Drive Covers
USP of Big “J”

Continental Egale utilizes an in-line cylinder type separator in all of our systems where a Big”J” Feed Control is used. Although it is somewhat more expensive than a drum type separator, we prefer to supply these because of the low incidence of choking, especially at higher capacities and with wet seed cotton. This type of separator is also built heavier.

The Big “J”

The Big-“J” 3-Cylinder in-line separator provides precleaning, wad dispersing and positive delivery of seed cotton to the storage bin. Cotton ‘free falls’ into the bin in a loosened condition. Air pockets are relieved through a vertical relief duct. The flow of seed cotton is smooth and unrestricted. Locks are fluffed for free travel as cotton is passed onto a spiked dispersing cylinder from remote controlled variable speed feed rollers. Seed cotton is discharged and delivered to the hot air drying system through the positive air seal of tandem cotton vacuums.

The uniform and regulated flow of seed cotton will enable the drying and the cleaning equipment to do a more efficient job and reduce choking in these systems.

The Big-“J” is designed specifically for unloading packed and wadded seed cotton at high volume capacities.




45 bales per hour (Hand or Machine Picked)

In-line Seperator : Required Horsepower 10 H.P. (7.4 KW)

Number of Cylinders

3 (Six Cylinder Option Available)

Cylinders Diameter

15 – 1/2 in. (393.7 mm)

Shaft Diameter

2-3/16 in. (55.5 mm)

Feed Roller Assembly : Required Horsepower 3 H.P. (2.2 KW)

Feed Roller with

6 vanes 10-1/4 in. (260.3 mm) Overall Dia.

Shaft Diameter

2-3/16 in. (55.5 mm)

Spiked Cylinder

15-1/2 in. (393.7 mm) Overall Dia.

Shaft Diameter

2-3/16 in. (55.5 mm)

Vacuum Feeders

96″ (2438 mm) Width


24″ (609.6 mm) Dia. 9 Rubber Flights

Shaft Diameter

2-3/16 in. (55.5 mm)

Required Horsepower 20 H.P. (14.8 KW) to drive spiked cylinder and tandem vacuum (Optional 36″ (914.4 mm) vacuums available)

Weight 14,000 lbs. (6350 kg)

All Capacities are subject to cotton varieties, conditions and personnel All designs, specifications and ratings are subject to change without notice.


A………….. 22′ 11-3/8” (6995)

B………….. 11′ 11-1/4” (3639)

C………….. 7’ 10” (2388)

D………….. 15′ 6” (4724)

E………….. 11′ 6” (3505)


Rear View Big-”J”