Vertical Flow Drier 1st Stage Drying

The most innovative and efficient cotton drying system in the gining industrybullet-prod  No shelves, screens or grids to roll and twist cotton.

bullet-prod  Directional cylinders break up wads and direct cotton to other cylinders along fingered baffles for even heat distribution.

bullet-prod  Fluffed cotton allows for uniformed drying of every fiber.

bullet-prod  Maximizes moisture removal with minimal heat applied.

bullet-prod  Dramatically improves first stage cleaning machinery     efficiency by loosening and fluffing seed cotton.


The Vertical Flow Drier

The BAJAJ-CEC Vertical Flow Drier (TM) dries better by doing the right thing at the right time. Every ginner knows that cotton can’t be cleaned until it is dried and it can’t be dried until it is loosened and fluffed so that hot air can penetrate to every fiber. This drier maximizes these processes.

Seed cotton enters the BAJAJ-CEC Vertical Flow Drier (TM) matted, moist and trashy. As the seed cotton enters, it falls onto the first directional cylinder arranged to break up wads and create a loosened stream of seed cotton. The loosened seed cotton slides down baffles made of long thin fingers, with air spacing between each finger, to another cylinder which throws the cotton in another direction. This alternating action is repeated five more times. It is this action that further creates and maintains a stream of seed cotton, increasing the exposure of the heated air to every fiber, maximizing both effectiveness and efficiency.

There are no shelves, screens or grids to roll and twist the cotton before it is dried. The opening and fluffing by the directional cylinders causes the locks of cotton to literally spring open to increase the drying action of the drier.

The directional cylinders are powered by a 10 hp (7.46 kw) motor*.

*not included

All designs, specifications and ratings are subject to change without notice.
The Proven Cotton Drier that Will make the Difference. Talk to a Ginner that has one!

The BAJAJ-CEC Vertical Flow Drier was designed to reduce fan power and heater fuel consumption while increasing air flow and drying capability as well as preserving fiber quality.

Pressure drop within the drier never exceeds 2″ of water, compared to 12″ for many tower driers. Less fan energy is required to move the air through the machine.

High efficiency means less heat and better fiber quality preservation. Customers have reported processing more than 50 bales per hour with a single Vertical Flow Drier with seed cotton moisture exceeding 18%.



Shipping Weight (Approximate)

10,845 lbs (4919.3 kg)

All Capacities are subject to cotton varieties, conditions and personnel
All designs, specifications and ratings are subject to change without notice.