Baling Press

9300 Up-Packing
3 Capacity Versions 50, 60 and 80 Bales Per Hour


bullet-prod  The 9300 Press is the Industry’s first – fiber bale press capable of pressing 80 universal density bales per hour.

bullet-prod   Designed to operate with several optional plastic and wire bale strapping systems.

bullet-prod  Tramper speeds up to 20 strokes per minute.

A Signode bale strapping unit is shown. Other types of bale strapping systems are available by customer choice.

Model 9300 UP-PACKING PRESS     

The Continental Eagle Model 9300 up-packing fiber bale press is capable of pressing 50 to 80 universal density bales per hour. The standard 9300 press has a capacity of 50 bales per hour with the standard 1200 gallon hydraulic pumping unit (305 connected HP) and one 20 gallon rotator/lock hydraulic pumping unit (15 HP). An additional 400 gallon Booster pumping unit (135 connected HP) is required to produce 60 bales per hour. When the 9300 press is equipped with an optional high speed pumping and tramping / Pusher system this press has consistently run at speeds of 75 to 80 + bales per hour.

An 18 inch diameter x 121 inch stroke lower ram and a 12 inch diameter x 44 inch stroke upper ram are used to compress the lint cotton into a universal density bale. The force output of the lower ram is approximately 636 tons (577 metric tons).The force output of the upper ram is approximately 200 tons (181 metric tons). The 9300 press is equipped with a hydraulic pusher and tramper. The hydraulic pusher feeds lint cotton into one press box and the hydraulic tramper vertically packs the cotton charge into the box at speeds of up to 20 strokes per minute. A hydraulic rotator motor rotates the press boxes 180 degrees for further packing of the lint cotton by the press rams into a universal density bale.

The 9300 press may be operated in an automatic or semi-automatic mode. In the automatic mode, the press operates fully automatic when an automatic bale tying device is used. If the press is used in a semi-automatic mode the press operator pushes the ram down button on the press console to initiate the bale eject sequence after manual bale tying is finished. Press operations are controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in the press console. The control console contains the control electronics, press systems monitoring indicators, and controls for all operations of the press.

Hydraulic power for operation of the Model 9300 is supplied by electric motor driven pumps installed on one or two reservoirs. The primary reservoir for the mid capacity presses holds 1200 gallons of hydraulic oil. The optional booster pump unit holds 400 gallons of hydraulic oil. Piston and vane pumps supply oil to hydraulic control blocks for distribution to the pusher/belt feed, tramper, upper and lower rams circuits.The main pumping units are interconnected in one hydraulic tank. The reservoirs have removable service doors located on the tank top. A visual oil level gauge is provided on each reservoir. The tank interiors are baffled and braced to separate intake ports from return ports. A separate gear pump with a dedicated oil reserve supplies oil to the rotator, and box unlock circuits. each pumping unit utilizes a dedicated filter/cooler pump that pumps oil through a screw-on type filter to either an oil/air or and oil/water cooler.