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Inclined Cleaner 1st Stage Cleaning


Inclined Cleaner 1st Stage Drying

Unsurpassed in seed cotton conditioning and trash removal, Continental Eagle’s Inclined Cleaners are a vital part of the “balanced Outfit” that provide optimum capacity, high quality and increased profits. Working alone or in combination with other cleaners, the Continental Eagle inclined Cleaner can be used in numerous arrangements. The choice of 96″ or 120″ width assures you of getting just the right cleaner for your individual ginning requirements.

Every feature of the Inclined Cleaner is designed for maximum efficiency and performance. Twin intels provide full-width distribution of seed cotton. The cog belt drive supplies positive, uniform power to all cylinders. Use of a multiple blade vacuum feeder at the discharge assures a smooth, even output at any capacity. Continental Eagle’s inclined Cleaner utilized individual grid bar screen for gentle trash removal and easy replacement.

The advanced engineering design of the spiked cylinder and grid bar screen insures removal of leaf, pin and pepper trash. Sturdiness and high quality are evident throughout the Inclined Cleaner’s structural design. The heavy angle steel base frame means durability and longer life; reinforced heavy gauge doors, covers and dust hopper add rigidity to construction. Bearings and covers are sealed throughout, with sealing strips inserted between all bolted connections. Air and dust seals on all shafts provide for a sealed cleaner.


bullet-prod Used as Gravity Cleaner or as Hot Air Cleaner in Drying System.

bullet-prod Individual Grid Bar Screens for gentle trash removal and easy replacement.

bullet-prod Extraordinary removed of large and small trash – leaf, pin and pepper.

bullet-prod Sealed bearing though out for absolute minimum maintenance.

bullet-prod Cog Belt Drive assures positive uniforms power to all cylinders.

Twin intels for full width distribution of seed cotton.

bullet-prod Heavy steel construction for longer life.

bullet-prod Reinforced heavy gauge doors, covered and Dust Hopper add rigidity to construction. Covers are sealed with felt packing and sealing strips are inserted between all bolted connections.

bullet-prod Easy accessibility for maintenance.

bullet-prod Air and Dust Seals on all shafts minimize dust emission.

Technical Specifications


25-30 Bales per hour – 120 in.

20-24 Bales per hour – 96 in.

Cleaning Screen:


Grid Bar

Distance between bars

5/8 in. (16mm)

Electric Motor (not included) : 15 hp (11 kw)




15-1/2 in. (394 mm)

Shaft Diameter

2-3/16 in. (55.6 mm)


13.000 lb. (5897 kg) – 120 in

9.000 lb. (4445 kg) – 96 in.



120″ (3048)

A. 7″ 4-15/16″ (2259)

7″ 1-15/16″ (2182.8)

B. 1’7-5/8″ (498.5)

1’10-5/8″ (574.7)

C. 3′ 1-1/4″ (976)

3′ 1-1/4″ (976)

D. 7′ 3-5/8″ (2225.7)

7′ 3-5/8″ (2225.7)

E. 8′ 3-3/8″ (2524)

8′ 3-3/8″ (2524)

F. 11′ (3352.8)

13′ (3962.4)

G. 2’2-1/2″ (673)

2’8″ (812.8)n

All Capacities are subject to cotton varieties, conditions and personnel
All designs, specifications and ratings are subject to change without notice.