Pre Cleaners

Impact Cleaner
A Continental Eagle Exclusive Seed Cotton Cleaner

impct-clnr96″ IMPACT CLEANER 2438.40mm Shown on Shipping Stand (not included)
bullet-prod  Heavy Steel Construction
bullet-prod  Sealed Bearings Throughtout
bullet-prod  Spiked Drums on full length shafts
bullet-prod  Brush Doffer
bullet-prod  Serrated Discs made of Saw Steel
bullet-prod  Positive serpentine Drive…Endless     Belt…idlers to adjust tension and tracking
bullet-prod  Minimum Maintenance

3048.00mm Shown with hanging guards removed for photograph


BAJAJ CEC’s exclusive IMPACT CLEANERS are designed for high capacity cleaning of machine picked and all roughly harvested cotton…removes sticks, leaf and hull particles, motes and other trash.

BAJAJ CEC IMPACT CLEANERS give both rugged overhead cleaning and gentle preparatory cleaning…a combination found in no other seed cotton cleaning machine. The IMPACT CLEANER’S spiked cylinders and rows of serrated discs, form a unique revolving grid which removes trash from the lint by abrupt changes in direction. Trash is literally ‘bounced” free in an amazing cleaning action. Used individually or with other cleaning equipment in split overhead systems-or stacked one over the other, the IMPACT performs its refined cleaning operation which is vital to a well balanced gin cleaning system.

Removes sticks, leaf and hull particles, and other trash.
bullet-prod  Maintains gentle action while cleaning…or scrubbing that produces fiber damage.

bullet-prod  Spiked and serrated discs give rapid change of direction to dislodge trash.

bullet-prod  Tips of 11-1/2″ (292.10 mm) serrated discs form a revolving grid system under spiked rollers. Each disc is keyed to shaft having space blocks between and are locked in place by a threaded shaft with a large retaining nut.

bullet-prod  Trash is dropped free of cotton travel path.

bullet-prod  Reclaimer section has grid areas to clean reclaimer locks before returning them to the cotton stream.

bullet-prod  Reclaimer is adjustable for all types of cotton…prevents loss, yet permits maximum cleaning.

bullet-prod  96″ (2438.40 mm) and 120″ (3048.00 mm) Impacts have 5 spiked rollers and 5 disc rollers.

bullet-prod  Sealed ball bearings throughout.

bullet-prod  Shipping weight (approximate) :

bullet-prod 96″

9,300 lbs. (4,0824 kg.)

bullet-prod 120″

12,000 lbs. (5,4432 kg.)

All Capacities are subject to cotton varieties, conditions and personnel All designs, specifications and ratings are subject to change without notice.


Cross Section 96″ (2438.40 mm) 120″ (3048.00 mm) Impact Cleaner similar in design and operation.